Mark choueke

Keynote Speaker

Mark Choueke
Keynote Speaker

Mark has spoken on hundreds of industry stages in numerous countries at events like ‘Think with Google’ in London and ‘Viva Technology’ in Paris. He’s also invented his fair share of benchmark industry events such as Marketing Week Live to name but one.

You’re in good company

Mark has an amazing way with words and a light-hearted personality that makes him great at what he does. When combined with his stellar networking abilities and a determination to get to the heart of an idea, he can be persuasive in almost supernatural ways.

Jay McCarthy,
VP Products, Incopro

I've known Mark since he started at Marketing Week and whenever we sit down to discuss the challenges in marketing I know I'm in for a ride. He never lets a lazy supposition or simple homily sit at the basis of a discussion - which is, I suppose, part the training of a good journalist and part the product of a sharp mind. However when you work with him on a broader platform chairing a round table or conference, a different but complementary side shows that he's an excellent verbal communicator who can interact with people at ease. I have known some sales staff who could learn from his manner.

Charles Ping, Managing Director, Winterberry Group

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Mark on a number of our most powerful campaigns. Mark combines serious strategic thinking in line with our product vision and market with the ability to roll up his sleeves and get it done. It's this level of energy and focus that I can attribute a lot of our growth - some of our most powerful campaign messages around the changing consumer were down to Mark's ability to understand the market and the customer. Not only a thinker and doer but someone who is able to command the room and run effective C-level customer forums.

Graham Cooke,
CEO, Qubit

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