I’m writing a book.

We need to develop and elevate the marketing function in B2B. 

Ranting at bosses and swearing a lot over the past decade or so hasn’t worked so, you know, a book seemed like the obvious next thing to do.

The mindless treadmill of mediocrity that is the job of the B2B marketer – chasing any lead regardless of its worth – is harming our organisations, our careers and our collective sense of self-worth. 

Externally, we’re smart, capable men and women who quite reasonably trade on our reputations as talented business leaders. Once we walk back in through the front doors of our organisations we waste precious time, energy and opportunity to keep the cogs spinning in a dumb process measured in meaningless metrics.

And it’s getting worse: the sheer pace of growth in the number of B2B tech vendors and platforms every year means it’s ever harder for complex, technical, product-focused sales messages to rise above the noise of the market.

It’s time for us B2B marketers to quit ‘submission and safety’ and get brave.

So, the book. My publisher made me write the next bit. (See, ‘submission and safety’…)

Boring2Brave gives marketers the tools and the confidence they need to unshackle themselves from the stale, often ineffective patterns of traditional B2B marketing.

This book outlines how to create bigger, braver, more human stories, forged from permission to employ creativity, craft and courage in the name of long-term brand building.

Let’s replace our humdrum, ineffectual habits and practices with audacity, invention and white-hot competitive advantage.

B2B: Boring2Brave – key features

• Uncovers the series of fault lines that reduced B2B tech marketing’s clout and effectiveness over time and breaks down the actions needed to reverse that shift

• Details how B2B marketers – regardless of budget or seniority – earn the right to influence product development, pricing and other strategic business decisions

• Uses case studies and research to demonstrate the raw commercial value of creativity in B2B marketing and outlines strategies for achieving internal buy-in

• Features candid, original interviews with leaders and the lessons they learned in growing their influence, boosting their impact and raising their profile